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ZALY is a Sino-Foreign joint venture corporation specializing in manufacturing and marketing calcined alumina, wear resisting alumina ceramic balls, bricks and pipes, and special ceramics for industrial use.

It is located in Import & Export Tariff-free Zone of Lianyungang, one the major China ports importing alumina raw material. The imported raw material from Australia and our rigorous testing methods ensure higher alumina content of our products with fewer impurities than domestic alumina products. Besides, our location makes our offers considerably competitive in the international market.

Committed to establishing complete industry chain in the sector of alumina ceramics, our factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities such as 57.4m-long rotary kiln,high-temperature tunnel kiln, large spray prilling/dried tower, large-CIP machine. And our quality control & environmental management is strictly in line with the system of ISO9001,SGS and ISO14001.

Our major products are ceramic grinding balls, cylinders, ceramic lining bricks, wearable ceramics and customized special ceramics with 92%, 95% and 99% alumina besides alumina spray prilling powder with alumina 90%, 92%, 95%, 97%, 99% respectively.

Our products "TCH" Series are widely used to make special ceramics, electronic ceramics, refractory material, glaze material, and grinding material, involving sectors of ceramics, building materials, metallurgy, chemicals and cement, etc.


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“Specializing In Calcined Alumina and Wear-Resistant Ceramics”




  Yunyang Rd,Kunshan Industrial Zone, Import and Export Tax-Free Area, Lianyungang, Jiangsu,China
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